Gunslingers is a small company located in Milford, Michigan. Our goal is to supply high quality firearms at reasonable prices to other shooting enthusiasts. It doesn’t matter what you use your firearm for – personal defense, hunting, plinking, or competition – we can supply you with that perfect gun. We personally compete in the local IDPA and PPC pistol competitions, shoot trap in a trap league, and do target shooting with rifles chambered in .223, .308, and the whopper of them all... the 50 BMG! Our future goal is to obtain a class III license for full auto firearms because we just love to shoot! We reload our ammo using a Dillon 550 and a Dillon 1050. I am a NRA certified instructor in Basic Pistol, Personal Protection, Shotgun Shell Reloading, Metallic Cartridge Reloading, and Range Safety Officer.

At Gunslingers you will find that we go out of our way to fill your needs. We are a stocking ‘preferred’ dealer for the fine line of Nighthawk Custom 1911 style pistols. If I don’t have the pistol you want in stock, it will be ordered and custom built to your specifications – usually within 6 to 8 weeks! Everyone deserves at least one high quality firearm and with Nighthawk Custom you get the quality, reliability, accuracy, and cosmetic perfection – all at a very reasonable Gunslingers price!

Thanks for checking out our website and please check out our inventory link. New firearms will be added and most any firearm can be ordered, no matter who the manufacturer is. Our website is new and constantly being changed, so check it out often.

Select your firearm, check out other dealers, and then call or Email us for our prices!    Local customers please call for an appointment (248) 866-5105.

Shoot safe and have fun!




Below are some pictures of me during our 2004 IDPA Halloween match!

This is me getting my reloads ready for loading into my mags.   It was a beautiful October day!
Just finished shooting scenario number 1.  There is a smile on my face so I must have thought I did pretty good!
Don't shoot the pumpkins!!!!
OK, this was cool!  Had to neutralize the zombies in the coffins since they kept comming back to life!
After taking out the guy around the corner, we had to enter inside this room and take out all sorts of nasty gouls.  Just don't take out any of the non-threats!