Welcome to Gunslingers! We are a small company located in Milford, Michigan. Our goal is to supply high quality firearms at reasonable prices to other shooting enthusiasts. It doesn’t matter what you use your firearm for – personal defense, hunting, plinking, or competition we can supply you with that perfect gun.

At Gunslingers you will find that we go out of our way to fill your needs. We are a stocking ‘preferred’ dealer for the fine line of Nighthawk Custom 1911 style pistols. If I don’t have the pistol you want in stock, it will be ordered and custom built to your specifications – usually within 10 to 12 months! Everyone deserves at least one high quality firearm and with Nighthawk Custom you get the quality, reliability, accuracy, and cosmetic perfection all rolled up into one. Check out the Predator III and the new T3 on my inventory page.  These are exceptional carry guns!  The Talon and Talon II Bobtail are also very popular models.  Remember, the Talon and Talon II can be ordered in calibers other than the .45acp.   Consider a sweet shooting 9mm Talon!   Nighthawk continues to impress us with their fine line of Heinie® models, built to the standards of Richard Heinie!

Gunslingers can also get you that Nighthawk Tactical shotgun or the Nighthawk/Murr knife you always wanted.   As with pistols, the knives and shotguns can be put into layaway to make it easier on the budget when purchasing these top of the line products!

Gunslingers is now an Elite Master Dealer for Wilson Combat . Check out their line of pistols, shotguns, and AR's.  You are sure to find something you like.  And of course Gunslingers will order and deliver that firearm to you with the same level of service that you have come to expect.   It seems that Arkansas has some of the BEST firearm manufacturers in the world located there, with Nighthawk Custom, Wilson Combat, and Guncrafter Industries and I am proud to offer their fine products to you.   The skill and level of customer service from these companies are THE BEST in the industry.   Check them out.   You will not be disappointed!

To satisfy all you Ed Brown Custom fans, we are now an authorized dealer for Ed's fine line of pistols and rifles! I have to say that the finishes that Brown puts on their guns are simply gorgeous. For those who appreciate a blued gun, Ed does the best bluing I have ever personally seen. The color is deep and uniform from the slide to the frame. No mismatched color here! For you fans of the stainless guns Ed has you covered. His stainless is the perfect combination of sheen and smoothness. You can tell that extra steps are taken in finishing the slide and frame. Ed's stainless guns look better than some hard chrome guns that I have seen! But looks aren't everything. Ed Brown machines all of his own parts to insure high quality in fit, finish, reliabilty, and long life. Then they are assembled by expert pistolsmiths and test fired before leaving the shop. Want a Bobtail? Why not order one from the man who invented it? Ask others who already own a Brown handgun. Their testimony will convince you to order one for yourself! And when you are ready give us a call and join the hundreds of other satisfied Gunslinger customers.

Everyone who has done business with me knows that I love high end 1911’s.   To that end Gunslingers is now going to provide our customers with yet another choice in a custom 1911.   I am pleased to announce that Volkmann Precision 1911’s will be available to all who appreciate the fine art of creating “One Masterpiece at a time” that Luke Volkmann is known for.  There are no assembly lines at Volkmann Precision!  Each pistol is hand built.  While Volkmann has several models to choose from that will fill the needs and wants of most, he is still a custom builder and can build your masterpiece to your specifications.  Several configurations are available along with your choice of several finishes, including Robar’s NP3! For the traditionalist, Luke offers a deep blue finish that is sure to please the most discerning fan of the blued 1911. For some real show stopping beauty you can have the flats of your slide mirror polished to really bring out the beauty of your custom blued Volkmann!   When you are ready to move up to a Volkmann Precision give Gunslingers a call. Luke Volkmann will also rework your existing 1911. Anything from a refinish job to a complete reliability package. If your Colt or other quality 1911 is looking or running a bit ragged give Luke a call and let him bring new life to your existing 1911!

To see more of Luke's work please visit this website Luke Volkmann to see more photos of his excellent creations.

To satisfy all you Alchemy Custom Weaponry fans, we are now an authorized dealer for Rob's fine line of 1911 pistols! These are no nonsense 1911's built by a very few highly skilled pistolsmiths. Extreme personal attention given to each gun built. Go with their standard blued finish for a beautiful looking 1911 pistol! These guns are reliable, accurate, and built to last!

To all of the gunslingers out there that just have to be able to punch the biggest hole they can into their targets, or want the best threat stopper available, Gunslingers is proud to be able to offer the Model No.1 50GI 1911 pistol made by the master pistolsmiths at Guncrafter Industries . This 1911 style pistol is chambered for the .50 caliber round. We have a few of these pistols in stock and ready to ship!   Choose from the Model 1 or the Model 2.   Check it out, I am sure you will like what you see!

Special note to non-local customers: I believe our prices for high quality firearms are attractive enough that even with figuring in the extra shipping charge and the fee your FFL dealer will charge for the transfer, you still will save money with Gunslingers!

Select your firearm, check out other dealers, and then call or Email us for our prices! You will get more bang for your buck at Gunslingers!   And remember, Gunslingers also sells long guns on a special order basis.   No extra charges for special orders.

In addition to selling firearms, Gunslingers is proud to be able to recommend the expert gunsmithing services of The Accurizer®!  Marianne Carniak's expertise with 1911's is well known.  From minor tuneups and repairs to complete 1911's built from scratch to your specifications.  Give Marianne a call at (248) 528-1552 and discuss your needs.  Meanwhile check out the list of services she offers by clicking here.

Is your current firearm looking a bit ragged lately?   Is the current finish worn down to bare metal?   If so, check out Elite Custom Guns.   Elite Custom guns specializes in refinishing all types of firearms with just about any finish you can dream up, from parkerizing to hard chrome and everything in between including 24K Gold!   They also have a full machine shop and can do just about any type of custom work you desire.   Check them out!

Thanks for checking out our website and please check out our inventory link. New firearms will be added and most any firearm can be ordered, no matter who the manufacturer is.




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